Cream LuXury

Artistry® Creme LuXury

Turn back the clock up to 15 years

Exclusive CellEffect Technology unlocks the secret to energizing skin. The Artistry® Creme LuXury Collection puts the ultimate in age-defying skincare at your fingertips to help transform skin into not merely looking younger, but acting younger.

Our rarest, most expensive ingredient: cardiolipin

Certain lipids are naturally found in the body’s skin cells. One of these essential lipids has been re-created in the laboratory in the form of cardiolipin. Because the level of this critical lipid reduces as we age, maintaining optimal levels of it is crucial to keeping healthy-, youthful-looking skin.

The lipid used in Artistry® Creme LuXury is a synthetic material similar to the lipid found in skin cells. It’s a patented discovery that helps skin act up to 15 years younger, making cardiolipin worth more than its weight in gold.


Exclusive Nutrilite® Spinach Extract and L-Carnosine help protect skin from oxidative stress and future damage.


Patented Roxisomes® and Ultrasomes® help boost skin’s natural ability to repair the visible signs of aging.


Patented CellEffect Technology helps re-energize skin to generate renewal.


Precious cardiolipin replenishes vital lipids and restores energy to help skin act younger.

Tested Benefits

Instantly, 94% surge in moisture. 100% improvement in moisture in two weeks. After four weeks, skin looks firmer and smoother.