Skincare Life Stages



Skin aging is influenced by several factors, including genetics, environmental exposure, hormonal changes, and metabolic processes. In humans, structural and functional changes attributable to aging are more visibly evident in the skin than in any other organ.


Intrinsic aging, or your natural aging process, begins appearing in your mid-20s.

Signs include:

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Thin and transparent skin

• Loss of underlying fat

• Bones shrink away from the skin due to bone loss, which causes sagging skin

• Dry skin that may itch


Extrinsic (external) factors work together to prematurely age your skin, including:

• Sun exposure

• Facial expressions

• Gravity

• Sleeping positions

• Smoking


Personal daily choices affect skin, including:

• Smoking or excessive alcohol

• Diet, food, or lifestyle

• Lack of exercise

• Exposure to cold weather

• Stress

• Lack of sleep


With simple and sensible health and skincare strategies, you can look great at any age! The number of candles on your birthday cake does not have to reflect the age of your skin. Here’s a decade-by-decade guide to help you choose the right products for today – and tomorrow.

Looking good! In your 20s, your skin cells regenerate at top speed, leading to a complexion that’s generally smooth and radiant. Plus, proteins that give skin its resiliency are firm and plentiful. Hydration is your primary job when it comes to skincare, because you want to maintain this youthful glow for as long as possible.


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*When used with Vital Skin Serum Concentrate and Nourishing Gel Cream.


Review your regimen. If you’re still using
the oil- and acne-control products you favored as a teenager, take a fresh look at your skin. By this time, sebum production begins to slow in many young adults. It’s possible the formulas that served you well at 16 may be too drying for your complexion today.

Moisturize. If you haven’t yet found a good moisturizer, now’s the time. The right formula will keep your skin smooth and supple. If you are challenged by excessive oil or acne – as many young adults are – look for an oil-free formula.

The times are changing, and your skin is no exception. Aging, the stress of a career, and pregnancy can lead to some significant changes in your complexion, including uneven skin tone and fine lines around your eyes and mouth.


Artistry® Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel

• In just eight minutes, skin is smoother and softer, and radiance is restored.

• Targeted resurfacing treatment provides immediate improvement in the look and feel of skin texture, improved clarity, and reduction in the appearance of sun spots and fine lines.


Exfoliate. The 30s is the decade when cell turnover begins to slow, leading to dullness and uneven skin tone. To counter this slowdown, upgrade your skincare regimen with regular exfoliation.

Notice the first signs of aging:

Crow’s-feet. Most women begin to notice fine lines and crow’s-feet when they turn 30.

Dullness and fine lines. In your 30s, estrogen levels begin to drop. Couple that with past sun exposure and you get drier, duller skin. Around age 35, fine lines usually begin to appear on the forehead’s thin skin.

Sun spots. Freckles that used to fade in winter turn into more permanent
sun spots.

Deeper wrinkles and less elasticity and firmness are the most common conditions of skin in this decade. They’re caused by two main things – years of UV exposure and a declining amount of estrogen. Together, these factors erode the skin’s underlying support structure and inhibit its ability to retain moisture.


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Accelerate your skincare. Look for cleansers and toners with more moisturizing capabilities like rich creams that soothe and protect. Increase the frequency of your exfoliation treatments to compensate for slower cell renewal.

Zero in. The skin around your eyes is thinner, so lines will be more evident here. Target this area with special formulas created specifically for your needs, from discoloration to puffiness to fine lines.

Adjust your makeup. As time goes on,
less is more. If you’re in a makeup rut, take time to reassess your colors and formulas.

With today’s healthy lifestyles and longer life expectancies, you’re just getting started at 50. However, the body’s natural aging process can disrupt skin’s natural biorhythms, causing skin cells to lose energy. Skin appears tired and dull, and visible signs of aging become more apparent.


Artistry Supreme LXTM

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Lighten up. Often dark spots become prominent as a result of the hormonal shifts of menopause and/or sun damage. Regular treatments with brightening products will diminish these areas and help produce clear, even skin.

Sleep on it. Nighttime is the right time for products that combat wrinkles and loss of tone and moisture. As you sleep, your skin works diligently to renew itself. A good night cream supports skin’s after-dark efforts. So after cleansing, toning, and treating your skin each evening, apply a rich formula designed for your specific needs.