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As the Global Product Innovation Lead for Artistry™ Beauty and Personal Care, Dr. Butani helps create the formulas you love, from spotting future trends to finding the ideal ingredient stories to ensure the texture, scent—and especially the results—are perfect.


What got you into the beauty business?

My degree is in Naturopathic Medicine, and I started out in a medical practice doing research on natural active ingredients. This got me more and more interested in both inner and outer beauty. I eventually began to focus my career on beauty product innovation and translating technologies into concepts and formulas that fit consumers' needs.  

How do you turn "pure science" into something consumers can use?

We rely on basic research to identify key factors leading to accelerated aging, and then develop biological screens based on these factors. These "bioassays" often help us discover new ingredients with the targeted power to improve skin’s condition.



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How do you find new ingredients?

R&D searches even the farthest reaches of the planet in order to find new and highly effective ingredients. We have strategic partnerships with universities and other research centers where we are able to screen thousands of natural extracts for their potency and efficacy. Things like Red Caviar from Norway, minerals from the Himalayas, botanicals from Africa—we truly discover the earth’s most rare and precious ingredients to deliver advanced skincare benefits.

What are the key trends you're seeing?

Globalization is truly changing traditional notions of beauty around the world. Trends are moving faster than ever before, not only from West to East but now from East to West as well. Consumers everywhere are looking for multi-benefit products that help them achieve their perfect skin tone—whether that's less red, less yellow, more rosy, brighter or more bronzed.

Lifestyles have also been transformed: time available for beauty care has shrunk, so expectations are higher than ever. Product effectiveness is non-negotiable—results must be measured, products must deliver and improvements must be visible.

What inspires you when creating a new product?

The world around me. I pay particular attention to not only what is happening in beauty and the health care industry but also what’s happening in fashion and on the runway. I travel often for work and pleasure and I love people-watching to see different cultures and how they interpret beauty.