Artistry® signature makeup begins with EVEN.

Use these products right after your skincare regimen to even out and perfect your skin tone.



Artistry® foundation formulas create the perfect surface and enhance the skin by evening out skin tone. They also contain advanced technologies to enhance skincare benefits, including reducing shine, helping minimizing the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles, and giving a luminous finish. Artistry® foundations come in two forms: liquid and powder.


Designed to be used alone or to enhance other makeup products. They can be applied before foundation to enhance wear and coverage, or worn alone for their sheer skin-perfecting qualities.


Artistry® powders are the perfect way to finish and set foundation or to touch up during the day. Powders help to set foundation, increase the wear of the foundation, and provide an extra perfected finish. Artistry® powders come in two forms: pressed and loose.


Designed with more pigment than foundation, Artistry® Concealer gives extra coverage to specific areas where needed, such as discoloration, dark under-eye circles, or to help hide blemishes. They can be applied either before or after foundation. Concealers are a great option for women who do not wear foundation but who want to conceal minor imperfections.



Secrets for shaping the face during the EVEN step

What is Contouring?

Contouring means using products to accentuate or change the natural shape of a face—the contours—so they are more noticeable. Contouring is also known as “shaping” and “slimming.” It is often combined with highlighting techniques, which make parts of the face appear lighter and brighter. Customers may want to apply contouring and highlighting to their whole face or just to specific areas (e.g. make nose look more narrow, make cheekbones look more prominent).