Application Tips


To quickly develop your confidence with the DEFINE phase, Artistry® color recommends mastering these basic application techniques.

Easy Eyelining

• Using Artistry Signature Color® Longwearing Eye Pencil, line upper lash line first. Start at the inner corner of eye, work outward.

• Use short, feathery strokes. Do not worry about creating a perfect line.

• Smudge the line after application using the sponge end of Artistry Signature Color® Longwearing Eye Pencil. For longer wear, set in place by smudging a coordinating shade of eye shadow over top of the liner.

• When finished, check the following:

- Is your line a little above the lash line? If so, go back and fill in the gaps by smudging color down into the lashes.

- Is the line broken or crooked? If so, fill in the gaps to connect the line.

Liquid Eyeliner Tricks

• Begin line one fourth of the way across your lid from your nose.

• Position the tip of the Artistry Signature Eyes® Automatic Liquid Eyeliner brush to the base of your lashes.

• Draw the liner out toward the outer corner of your eye.

• Having difficulties drawing a neat line? Make dots at the base of the lashes and then connect the dots.

Mix and Maximize Eye Shadow Shades

• Wear shades one at a time, or in any combination. Want it all? Apply shades from left to right. Here’s how:

- Use the largest, lightest shade as a Highlighter all over eyelid, from lash line to under the eyebrow.

- Then work left to right across the bottom row: add the lefthand shade as a Crease color in the crease and at outer corner of eye.

- Next, Accent with the middle color: apply to center of lid, blending outward toward corner.

- Finish with the deep color on the right for Definition, smudging it along the upper lash line.

• To use shadow as liner, apply Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quads against lash line using the tip of the applicator or an angled eye shadow brush.

Basics of Eye Shadow Blending and Placement

Here are the quickest ways to feel confident when applying Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quads:

• Make sure the eye shadow is not applied past the outer corner of your eye. Keep the eye shadow inside the outer corner to add lift to your eye.

• Make sure that you cannot see where one shade of shadow ends and another begins. Blending creates a soft and diffuse look.

• Start with only a small amount of product on the applicator or eye shadow brush—it’s much easier to add shadow than it is to take it away.

• To avoid redoing concealer, apply Artistry® Concealer and foundation after eye shadow. To collect extra eye shadow dust under the eye, first tap a small amount of an Artistry® eye cream under the eye; do not rub it in. Next, place a sponge over the area and press it into the skin. The eye shadow dust will be absorbed by the sponge, leaving the skin ready for concealer and foundation.

Basics of Eye Shadow Finishes

• Matte: Least-reflective shades that help smooth skin’s appearance or create contour.

• Shimmer: Sophisticated glimmer shades to highlight under the brow or as all-over wash of light.

• Metallic: Maximum shimmer for lash line or blended into the crease for added depth.

Easy Everyday Eye Shadow

Make the most of any one shade.

• One of the secrets to makeup is placement. For everyday eye shadow, use your fingertip or an applicator to apply a light layer of Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quads on eyelid.

• Applying it after—and over top of—your Artistry Signature Color® Longwearing Eye Pencil will keep the liner in place even longer.

• Then blend shadow color up toward the crease line.

Modern Brow Tips

How-to’s for fashionable and flattering brows.

• To create lift in your brow, apply a light, shimmery shade from an Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quad just under the arch of the brows. This helps define the arch.

• If you have close-set eyes, start the brows a little farther out from the nose.

• If you have wide-set eyes, start the brows a little closer to the nose.

• If brows look too dark, select a lighter shade pencil or soften the color after it’s applied by combing the brows to distribute the color.

Perfect Filled-In Brows

Simple measurements help create the perfect brow every time.

• Brush the brows up and over in the direction of the hair growth.

• Use a pencil to mark the starting point, arch point, and end point for the brow.

• Hold the pencil vertically at the inner corner of the eye.

• The starting point of the brow should be directly above the inner corner of the eye. Mark this with your pencil.

• Now, place the pencil in a vertical line from the outside edge of the iris to the brow. The highest point of the arch should be on the line mark it with your pencil.

• Angle the pencil from the outer corner of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. This is where the brow should end. Mark with your pencil.

• Using short, controlled strokes, use the Artistry® Automatic EyeBrow Pencil to etch in the brow following your guide.

• Blend with a brow brush.

Control and Shape Brows

Mascara makes a gorgeous brow-tamer.

• After applying your mascara to your lashes with any Artistry® mascara, wipe mascara wand with tissue to remove excess mascara from wand, then sweep the wand through brows to create fullness and definition.

• If brows need more definition, brush brows up with the brush on the end of the Artistry® Automatic EyeBrow Pencil.

• Fill in any sparse areas to perfect brow shape.

Basics of Mascara Care

What every mascara wearer should know.

• Replace mascara every three months. This avoids the changes that happen to formulas when air is introduced, and helps maintain a smooth and even application every time.

• Never share your mascara with another person. You will be able to guarantee your mascara stays sanitary and each application remains comfortable.

Get Volume, Curl, and Lift with Mascara

Maximize your mascara by starting on top of lashes.

• Sweep Artistry Signature Eyes Volume Mascara® over top of lashes using an up and down motion, then sweep wand up under lashes.

• Wiggle wand for a second at lash base to create more volume at base of lashes, then move wand through lash tips.

Red Carpet Lashes

Different wand movements create definition and Red Carpet Length to your lashes:

• Tap the brush wand of the Artistry Signature Eyes Length & Definition Mascara® over top of lashes.

• Now sweep up and under, pulling wand through lashes.

• Turn the wand vertically and—with the tip of wand—sweep back and forth over lash tips.

• Wait one minute for formula to set and repeat until desired effect is achieved.

How to Create Bigger, Brighter Eyes

An easy tip to make any eyes appear more open and prominent.

• Fill eyelid from outer eye to inner eye with a medium tone shade from Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quads. Shimmer finishes work best, versus Matte or Metallic.

• Then apply an accent color to the center of the eyelid and blend left and right.

• Smudge a dark shade of Artistry Signature Color® Longwearing Eye Pencil along upper lash line and extend toward outer corner. Soften the line with sponge end of pencil.

• Finish with a strong highlighting shade from an Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quad on the brow bone.