Application Tips


To quickly develop your confidence with the COLOR phase, Artistry® color recommends mastering these basic application techniques.

Blush Perfectly: Choosing the Perfect Shade

The secret to your perfect blush shade is in the palm of your hand. To choose your shade of Artistry Signature Color® Blush:

• Close your hand and make a tight fist.

• Open your hand, and hold it next to a selection of blush shades.

• Select the shade of Artistry Signature Color® Blush that most closely resembles the skin tone at your just-pressed fingertips and palm. This is your best natural shade.

Naturally Blushing

Place and sweep; let your face guide the blush brush.

• Sweep blush brush over desired shade.

• Line up brush with middle of ear, then sweep and blend toward tip of nose.

• The brush will lift off the skin where necessary because of your individual bone structure.

• To create a subtle/natural contour, sweep brush toward corner of mouth.

How to Create Naturally Defined Cheeks

To create definition on your cheeks, use two colors of Artistry Signature Color® Blush: one in your brighter blush color, the other in a contrasting shade.

• Apply the more contrasting blush shade with a blush brush.

• Begin by placing brush on the face at the middle of your ear. Sweep this shade toward the tip of your nose; allow the brush to lift off your skin as you sweep forward.

• Apply the brighter shade by tapping it onto “apple” of your cheek and sweeping back toward hairline.

How to Add a Pop of Cheek Color

Looking for a more youthful flush—or to give your look a midday pick-me-up?

• Apply Artistry Signature Color® Blush to the “apple” of your cheeks only.

• Avoid overapplying for this technique by using brush to “tap” color onto skin versus sweeping.

How to Master Easy Perfect Blush

Blend powder and blush for a soft enhancement.

• Sweep a blush brush into a small amount of Artistry Exact Fit® Perfecting Loose Powder, working powder into brush.

• Then sweep same blush brush over Artistry Signature Color® Blush, and tap off any excess color. Sweep brush across the forehead, down the side of the face and across the cheekbone, then along the jawline.

• Repeat on opposite side of face.

How to Apply Perfect Lip Liner

How to have a steady hand and apply in the right direction.

• Position the Artistry® Automatic LipLiner Pencil: Rest the knuckle of your little finger on your chin for stability.

• Draw upper lip line: Line from outer corner inward, moving up toward bow. Repeat on the other side of upper lip.

• Complete with bottom lip: Keep your knuckle anchored; draw a horizontal line in the center of your lower lip first, then draw liner outward to each corner, following your natural lip shape.

Secret to Long Lasting Lipstick

Line and layer color for longest wear.

• To extend the wear of your lipstick, and create more drama, line your lips with desired Artistry® Automatic LipLiner Pencil. Fill in lips with the same shade.

• Apply Artistry Signature Color® Lipstick or Sheer Lipstick to lips directly from the tube.

Natural Lip Stain

Application trick to make any lipstick look more sheer.

• For the look of a natural lip stain, apply your Artistry Signature Color® Lipstick or Sheer Lipstick to your lips with a fingertip.

• Tap color onto lips; this technique gives added versatility to any shade.

Perfect Lipstick Application

Helpful application tips to build confidence and share.

• When applying lipstick directly from the tube, never press too hard. Open mouth slightly for easier application.

• When using a lip brush, do not use too much lip product at a time. It is better to reapply a few times.

• Apply gloss and lipstick to lips using your ring finger; it can make application easier and help color stay inside the lip line. Using your ring finger can help you achieve a light stain on lips. A bare finger can be used to soften the edges of lip liner, too.

• Blot lips together lightly for a perfect blend.

How to Find Your Perfect Red Lipstick

Artistry® color offers reds in three lip formulas. Here is how to chose one based on how much drama you want or your formula preference.

• For full-on drama, try Artistry Signature Color® Lipstick in Daring Red.

• For a more subtle red lip, try Artistry Signature Color® Sheer Lipstick in Red Kiss.

• And a more shiny red, try Artistry® Lip Gloss in Ruby Red.

What to avoid when wearing red lipstick:

• Avoid wearing other bright shades on your face. Let your lips be the focal point.

• Choose a softly defined eye makeup and a “barely there” cheek blush.

Red Lipstick vs. Lip Gloss?

• A red lip gloss is best during the day for a more subtle statement.

• For nighttime, go with red lipstick for just the right touch of drama and sensuality.