The final step of Artistry® signature makeup is COLOR.

You'll love the artist-inspired shades—including trusty faves and new trends you can't wait to try.

Artistry Signature Color® Blush

Artistry Signature Color® Blush is the easiest way to add a healthy blush of color to cheeks. They can enhance the shape of the face, lift the cheek area, and give contour to cheekbones. Artistry® Cheek Color comes in a powder formula.


Artistry® color reinvents lipstick for modern women everywhere. For a polished look for lips, a “high impact” formula with a wide range of fashionable and classic shades that flatter every skin tone and every age. Artistry® Lipstick comes in two formulas.

Lip Gloss

Artistry® Lip Gloss formulas are conditioning and add the perfect amount of shine. Can be used alone or over lipstick. Artistry® Lip Gloss comes in three formulas; creme, sheer, shimmer.

Lip Liner

Artistry® LipLiner Pencil is the perfect way to add definition to lips—to create or enhance their existing shape. By lining the lip, it also helps lipstick or gloss wear longer. Artistry® LipLiner comes in one convenient formula that never needs sharpening.


Classic Defined Lip

The elegant and timeless look.

• Line lips with Artistry® Automatic LipLiner Pencil. Start by outlining the side-by-side arched curves in the center top lip (the Cupid’s Bow) and the center of the lower lip. Complete the line by starting at the outer corner of the upper lip and etch inward toward the Cupid’s Bow. Repeat on the bottom lip.

• Use a lip brush (or your ring finger) to blend and soften the pencil inward and onto the lip itself.

• Apply lip color: start at the outer corner of the lip and work toward the center.


To get fuller-looking lips, every time, reverse the usual order of application.

• Apply Artistry® Lip Gloss to your lips.

• Follow with a coordinating lipstick.

• Applying the lipstick over the gloss creates an added illusion of fullness.


For even more full effects—without injections? Begin with liner.

• Choose a shade of Artistry® Automatic LipLiner Pencil close to your own lip shade or a little lighter. (Avoid darker shades of LipLiner and Lipstick as they will make lips look thinner and smaller.)

• Line the entire lip, just outside the natural lip line.

• Then follow the “Get Full Lips” steps: apply gloss, followed by lipstick.


Create a more lifted look with liner placement and light, bright shades.

• Use Artistry® Automatic LipLiner Pencil to line lips; emphasize the Cupid’s Bow and the center of the lower lip line. Avoid following the natural droop of the mouth; stop lining before reaching the corners of mouth.

• Fill in lips with a bright shade of Artistry Signature Color® Lipstick or Artistry Signature Color® Sheer Lipstick. Bright shades help draw attention to the center of the mouth.


Easily counteract thinning or dry-looking lips.

• Avoid matte or super-glossy finishes.

• Creamy, classic lipstick formulas, like Artistry Signature Color® Lipstick, help lips look naturally moist and full.


The key is to neutralize your lips’ natural tone.

• Choose a lipstick or lip gloss that counteracts
the pink or rosy tone in your lips.

• Try shades of Artistry Signature Color® Lipstick and Sheer Lipstick such as Taffeta Rose or Natural Pink.

• For a more polished nude look, prep lips with a small amount of foundation. Pat on with fingertip and allow to dry before applying lip color.