Skincare Tips

Your Routine

Your 40s

Deeper wrinkles and less elasticity and firmness are the most common conditions of skin in this decade. They're caused by two main things-years of UV exposure and a declining amount of estrogen. Together, these factors erode the skin's underlying support structure and inhibit its ability to retain moisture.


  • Accelerate your skin care. Look for cleansers and toners with more moisturizing capabilities; rich crèmes that soothe and protect. Increase the frequency of your exfoliation treatments to compensate for slower cell renewal.
  • Zero in. The skin around your eyes is thinner, so lines will be more evident here. Target this area with special formulas created specifically for your needs, from discolouration to puffiness to fine lines.
  • Adjust your makeup. As time goes on, less is more. If you're in a makeup rut, take time to reassess your colours and formulas. Many modern cosmetics gently treat as they tint, which makes them perfect for this stage of life.
  • Watch your weight. Studies have proven that extra weight steals years from a woman's lifespan. Maintain a healthy weight and you'll decrease the risk of a variety of diseases, including diabetes and hypertension.
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